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One-to-one assertiveness coaching:

"I was going to email you too to say how much I loved our sessions and how positively they have impacted on my life - I can't tell you how much. I really have had the most inspirational time, and can safely say that after my few years of turbulence, I feel happy and have myself back, thanks to you."
-- Ellie Pratt

"Sue Hadfield first came to my notice, whilst being interviewed on a local radio station. I had reached a stage in my life, where I felt unfulfilled as a full time Mum and home maker, but unsure of what to do. So inspired by her interview, I emailed her that night and from there I had 4 life coaching sessions with her. Sue's professional approach is positive, but realistic and practical. From having fairly self-limiting beliefs, Sue has encouraged me and opened my mind and eyes to all sorts of career/personal life possibilities, and helped me to evaluate what I want to do.

I have now discovered a love of gardening which I didn't realize that I had, and have set up my own business as a part-time gardener. I am also enrolled for a couple of courses involving hobbies that I have always been interested in, but never taken it any further. Although it is a cliche, I can honestly say that Sue has changed my life. I am content and fulfilled and looking forward to the future."

-- Tara Wilson


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